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1 Idle Control Valve
1a rebuilt idle valve
2 idle valve rubber mount
3 vacuum hose@ rear of idle control valve
4 Y for hard plastic vacuum line
5 hard plastic vacuum line
6 cut off/ pop off valve
7 elbow for vacuum line
8 vacuum hose for pop valve
9 Vacuum Hose To J Boot
10 vacuum hose/oil filler to vacuum manifold
11 Vacuum Delay Timed Valve
12 vacuum hose/wastegate to cycle valve
13 vacuum hose that goes to KLR
14 vacuum hose@ rear of venturi tube
15 vacuum hose/venturi Y to pipe
16 vacuum hose@ front of venturi tube
17 vacuum hose@ front of idle control valve
18 vacuum hose/intake manifold to pipe
19 944 turbo intake boot
20 venturi tube for vacuum hose
21 banjo bolt
22 washer for banjo bolt
23 Refurbished Vacuum Tree Manifold Thru 87
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