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   Author  Topic: HOW TO CHANGE A 944S2 AIR FILTER  (Read 2599 times)
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I used to love my Testa........No w I love my S2


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« on: Sep 7th, 2010, 12:53pm »

If you've recently bought a 944S2 and wondered how the hell to change the air filter, here is a step by step guide.
Tools needed.
8mm socket
10mm socket
Philips screwdriver.
First switch on ignition and pop the headlights up.
Take out no. 2 headlight fuse to keep the lights up then switch off ignition and lights.

Unscrew the 4 Philips head screws seen on top.

Next remove the rubber sleeve from under the headlight and also the headlight surround as this will give easier access.

Once these are off you begin to see the nuts that have to be loosened only no need to take them off. These are the 8mm.

There are also 2 more screws, these are the tricky ones, and they are positioned either side of the upright 8mm ones. The one to the left nearest the wing is 10mm and i used a 2" extender on the socket for this one.

The one on the right needs a long tool this is an 8mm  headed screw, a magnetic head is useful if not be careful not to drop it. (I did   Wink

When the 2 screws are out and the 2 nuts loosened, pull the complete panel towards you being careful not to scratch the bumper. Now at last you can see the air filter which is held inplace by 3 clips, the easy bit. Release the clips, throw away the old air filter and replace with the new shiney K&N.

Then reverse the process to put everything back. Hope this has been of some help.
My boy Schuey was'nt much help.  
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