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Looking at buying an 89 944 with 2.7L bent valves (Read 1389 times)
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Looking at buying an 89 944 with 2.7L bent valves
Oct 26th, 2012 at 9:27am
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I know of a really nice low mileage 1989 944 with the 2.7L motor for sale that the guy says needs a new head because of bent valves from the timing belt breaking.   

I know this is a problem with the Porsche 944 motors when the timing belt breaks and should be replaced every 5 yrs/30,000 miles along with the balence belts and WP.

What I need is, some advice on whether the whole head needs replaced, or just some machine work needs to be performed to save the cost of buying a head ?

Also, this would be a good time to perform a mild compression increase for performance by decking the cylinder head and doing some valve porting, but would I need to shim anything to achieve the proper belt tensioning if i'm removing several thousandths of head thickness ?

Just got an 85.5 white 944 & perfect burgundy interior with 968 cup wheels, magnaflow exhaust.
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Re: Looking at buying an 89 944 with 2.7L bent val
Reply #1 - Oct 26th, 2012 at 1:08pm
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All you should need is some new valves and a valve job, and maybe new guides. pretty straight forward stuff IMO.

As for cutting the head. I had my head milled .052" on my 84'. I was concerned about tensioner adjustment. Turned out to be no problem.
I also know that the 89 uses a differnt style tensioner, so I cannot be sure that you'll be OK with the same amount of flycut.
The other concerns are with valve to piston clearance. I checked it and there was no problem.
Also, the potential to significantly affect valve timing. I checked that and found only a few deg of change. Not worth worrying about.
My 84' started life at 9.5/1. I ended up at 10.9/1 with a .052" flycut. You probably wont have to go that far since you already have about 10.2/1 or so??
Did it make a difference?? Heck yeah it did.
I then added a Wilks race chip and mid grade gas. She runs great now. Big gains in power (maybe 10hp). That's alot to me anyways.

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Re: Looking at buying an 89 944 with 2.7L bent val
Reply #2 - Nov 6th, 2012 at 8:11am
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It would seem that you would have to have the head taken off and inspected to determine what is actually needed. If you can get a really good deal on the car it would seem to be worth paying for this. As it has probably had the head removed, having it inspected, a valve job and a new head gasket would seem to be good for peace of mind. Remember that these cars will eventually start rising in price and what you pay now will be like buying Apple stock in the $16 a share days.
The bigger engined cars will probably see the higher rise in value which makes them a better bet.
I recently bought a manual on eBay for my '88 and was surprised to learn that these beasts are supposed to be fed high test. Mine runs fine on regular. But I remember how well my '64 SC liked 100 octane av gas when I lived at a rural airport and the tank was empty. That car had 9.5 compression iirc. That pushrod engine had nearly 67 HP per liter as opposed to my SOHC, 2.5 litre 944 engine's 63.2.

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