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how do I delete  the balance shafts ? (Read 268 times)
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how do I delete  the balance shafts ?
Dec 7th, 2009 at 10:02am
This is a question we see a lot -

 "what will happen if I delete them " ?

at low speed you will get a little more vibration ,  and its not something we recomend for street use .


CAUTION:  NOT for daily drivers (DD). Your oil pickup tube may crack due to increased vibration, or your fuel rail may crack and leak at low rpm and this will cause your engine to SEIZE or catch FIRE.

" is it ok for the track , and will I get more power " ?

a yes and a yes - its a good upgrade for the track - and removing anything that is driven by a belt is a good thing -
so if you do this  ,and the ac delete bracket you will have a little more power and less strain on the engine -

" whats the ac delete " ?

its a bracket that allows you to remove the ac compressor = less weight - less drag on the engine -  and lower the alternator -
this is what its looks like and we sell lots to the race guys

"  ok - so how do I get rid of the balance shafts " ?

if the engine is still in the car its a little difficult to do  -  but it can be done -
remove the balance shaft belt -
you can leave off the covers on both sides and the front support for the upper shaft -
you will need to leave the support cover  for the lower shaft on the rh side as it supports the power steering pump -
even if you do not have power steering it has the both that the alt strut mounts to there - so you will need to  leave that there
when you have the side covers off you will see 3  oiul drain holes in either side as well as 1 oil supply hole  - these holes need to be blocked off -
see the oil supply hole ?
tap that and screw in a plug -
the oil drain holes can be easily plugged with GOOD epoxy -
the drain holes shown here are for the upper drivers side shaft -
the ones for the lower rh shaft are more toward the front of the channel  -
I hope this helps you guys
and if you have anyquestions e mail me

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