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Message started by 944s_ct on Jan 14th, 2014 at 5:24pm

Title: Re: New Owner of a 944S
Post by 944s_ct on May 26th, 2017 at 2:00pm
So NOW i know what people talk about with replacing the steering rack.. what a PITA!

First rack i got was the WRONG SIZE.. it was about two inches short overall.. Returned it for the correct one. The new one didnt come with the tie rod arms, had to buy those separate.
Those Tie rod arms came with the tie rods, so the one i purchased now is wasted $$.. Frustrating.

So at this point, New rack is back in car, mostly everything is buttoned back up but i am having a bit of trouble with the power steering return line not sitting nicely on the lower frame rail. Once thats fixed i can fill the PS fluid, bleed the system and hopefully no leaks.

This has been 6 months of nothing but headaches!

On a side note..
-Got my KLA Strut bar. Mounted and locked in place. Pictures to come this weekend
-Got a rear 18mm sway bar, in the process of cleaning it up. Will be mounted once the PS rack is in and all set.

So i've been actively looking for a steering wheel replacement.. Was looking at one of the Momo wheels and hubs. Anyone know a good site that sells the items as a combo? I do not believe Ian/Steve still have them in the 944online store anymore.

I REALLY want to drive the car again. There is someone at my Job (new job i just took) that drives a SUPER clean 914.. ill need to grab a picture next time he drives it in.

More to come!

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