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Message started by shawn on Dec 3rd, 2014 at 7:07am

Title: Re: Fuel type/grade for porsche 944?
Post by Brainiac on Jun 14th, 2019 at 9:39pm
….well I just wanted to chime in on an experiment I am undertaking...mine is an 84 n/a that I have had for six years...up until recently I have always put in either regular or more often midgrade Chevron, taking the advice of those who seem to be in the know here...I make it a point to use Green Marine Stabil as well, been doing so for about 4 years...about a month ago I finally got around to looking in the manual for recommended fuel, and then looking at the Chevron pump, I interpreted it as saying ( perhaps erroneously) minimum 91 octane so I put in 92 Octane Chevron Supreme....the first tank only took about 8-9 gallons...anyway I had a 150 mile business trip to take the next day....the road through Eastern WA State was two lane with very little traffic, some big canyons, hills with lots of curves and straightaways...I was being bad and I drove it very hard and very fast while constantly looking for law enforcement....I had not done that in years...on the return trip I took a different route with lots of 30-40 MPH curves that I was easily doubling the speed...never got out of 4th gear for 15 miles...after that road, then I was on the interstate and kept it at 75 and under....with this car I have never gotten better than 22 mpg...when  I stopped for fuel, considering how I had been exceedingly breaking the law for about 200 miles, high revs for a lot of it, I was expecting mileage in the upper teens at best...I was shocked at seeing that I had gotten about 24.5...I cannot really tell about more or less power...it has always run great for me and I am not a good judge of things like that...since then I have been putting in Chevron Supreme 92 octane...mileage is always between 24-26 mpg...and I drive it like I always have...I take it easy most of the time, but on certain roads, on ramps and when passing, I have fun and drive it hard...as far as  know, this motor is plain jane but when I bought it, it had an exhaust header, I replaced it a few years ago, and last year when repairing a ruined camshaft and timing gear I discovered a broken valve spring...Lindsey Racing rebuilt the head and gave me a deal on turbo valve springs...so with the better mpg, at least I am not paying more out of pocket for premium, but am I doing any harm?...I am going to switch back to midgrade (89) next week to see if I notice anything...

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