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Message started by dlove924s on Dec 9th, 2016 at 10:58pm

Title: Re: 924 wiper motor parts?
Post by anchor on Mar 8th, 2017 at 7:14pm
I received a BOSCH rear hatch wiper blade package from Steve944online.

To accommodate or make this same change to the rear hatch wiper arm you have to remove the original metal pin attachment on the original arm and use the A7 pin shipped with the wiper blade and tap on the plastic wiper arm attachment shipped with the pin in the BOSCH wiper blade package. (see attached pics)

I'm not having much luck with my refurbished rear hatch wiper motor from previous post. (Edit) I tested commutator and winding using you tube this video:

1.)Commutator copper bar pairs 180* apart:
1.1) 3.6 Ohms,
1.2) 2.1 ohms,
1.3) 17.8 ohms,
1.4) 43 ohms

2.)Commutator copper bar pairs adjacent to each other
2.1) 2.4 ohms
2.2) 2.5 ohms
2.3) 46.1 ohms
2.4) 42.2 ohms
I didn't try the third test since the first two failed. Used two different digital multi-meters Klein Tools MM200 and CEN-TECH 90899 to compare readings. New attachments showing the winding of the two failed with larger resistance (copper whisker separation on loop through at commutator).

Steve is going to be working on getting a supplier for this type rear hatch wiper motor next week. I will post when the information is available.
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