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Message started by Serge_rus on Sep 15th, 2017 at 7:16pm

Title: S2 shock absorbers and springs
Post by Serge_rus on Sep 15th, 2017 at 7:16pm

I'm searching for the replacement's numbers for a '89 S2 cabrio (ofc non- M030 or such a thing) shock absorbers.
And though it's a cabrio I dont wanna fit it with Koni, looking onto Sachs/Boge.

The rear OEM number for Sachs is 951.333.032.07
The replacements are Sachs 105754 and Boge 27-153-F

And I have such a problem with front shocks. The OEM numbers for Sachs are 944.343.031.19 (left) and 944.343.032.19
Some sites shows Sachs 100865 and 100866 but they both marked as "no longer available".
Okay, going to the next level. Some sites says that 111500100865 and 111500100866 as well as 111500100750 and 111500100751 are the replacements for 100865 and 100866 (and Sachs EM100865 for 100865), but they all are also not available.

Does anybody know the replacement I can buy now not for $300 for each as an OEM costs?

And 1 question about springs
How to test it? How to make a desicion should it be replaced or not relying on some digits?

Thanks!  ::)

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