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MY HATCH WON'T OPEN (Read 2281 times)
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Jul 9th, 2010 at 7:42pm

a stuck rear hatch is a common thing -
dirt and crap gum up the release latches - # 14 here +944turbo+body-944turbo

you know where the release switch is located correct ?
it just to the left of your left knee  - kinda by the hood release handle -
have someone press the switch - and you GENTLEY try and lift the hatch - sometimes it helps to bang on the rubber part of the spoiler with a closed fist -
but - again - do it easy -

ok - so now you have the hatch open 

take out both left and right receivers and throughly clean them - lube with some spray white grease 
- while your at it  - spray the mechainisim that the  2  cables attach to -
check the hatch pins -   # 12  as its common for them to get all rusty -

oh -  and you'll want to replace # 6  - as it WILL be missing !!

if you still have trouble opening the hatch let me know

odo gear bad -?

make sure to check the tech section we have on this forum

lots of valuable info 
like this -;action=di splay;num=1262271316

hope this helps

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