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944/1 Alternator Replacement (Read 1025 times)
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944/1 Alternator Replacement
Jan 5th, 2010 at 3:37am
replaced my alternator today, wasn't to bad of job you just run into having some space restraints. Expect to spend around 3-4 hours depending on how mechanically inclined you are.

-First unhook the negative battery cable, drop the skid pan (6 10mm bolts) loosen the belt (17mm locknuts and sleeve) mine was generously rounded off by a previous owner, so I had to unbolt the tensioner from the a/c compresor, and take the air box out.
-at that point you have a through bolt and nut on top, both are 13's and a 13mm bolt that threads into the alternator from the backside on the bottom, space is kind of an issue on this one but I just broke it loose with the wrench and ran it out by hand fairly easily. On re-installation the bottom bolt is fairly time consuming due to space restraints.

-Then you have 2 wires on the back, one is held on by a 13mm nut and the other an 8, disconnect those 2 and you're out, reverse for reinstallation

-You'll probably have to swap pulley's to your new alternator just use an Impact to remove the large nut on the front of the alternator, the pully should just pull right off. I chose to re-use the factory fan as opposed to the cheap one the reman company supplied. Which required bumping the key way with a screwdriver and a light hammer blow.

-Place the fan and pulley on your new alternator, (make sure the keyway is in place) place your new lock washer in place and run the new nut down with the impact. I don't know the spec but there is no reasonable way to lock down the alternator without damaging to use a torque wrench. So just don't get carried away with an impact with 500ft/lbs of available torque on it

if you need a new alternator adjustmnent strut look here

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