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Hatch lock seized, how to fix (Read 1071 times)
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Hatch lock seized, how to fix
Jan 2nd, 2010 at 2:43pm
1. Spray a little bit of WD-40 into the key slot on the lock - A LITTLE - don't douse it. You will want to hold a clean rag up against the car right below the lock so you don't get WD-40 all over your paint, as it will leak out of the slot a little. 

2. Wait a minute or two

3. Insert and remove the key a few times to get all the components inside lubricated. This will also have the nice result of the key siphoning most of the excess WD-40 into its grooves, so you can just wipe it off when you pull it out. 

4. Once it's dry in there (a few days), lube it up again with some light weight oil, or lock graphite, both of which you'll need to take a trip to Autozone, Napa, etc for. This will keep the lock lubricated and prevent it from seizing again.

5. If you're also replacing your rear hatch struts, please be careful as sometimes the extra force of the new struts can cause the hatch glass to separate from the metal frame - read:;action=display;nu...

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