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how to jump the DME (Read 1324 times)
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how to jump the DME
Jul 25th, 2009 at 1:17pm

The DME relay is a two stage relay. You have to have power and ground from one for the other. One part of the DME powers the injectors, one part of it powers the fuel rail.

If it works with a jumper on the three 12v it could be the other sockets. You need to test each socket for ground. I've heard of one guy who lost the ground which is a wire that runs under the dash. As soon as my car is running, I will give a detailed procedure on testing the DME circuit, I just can't do it right now cause my car isn't hooked up electrically.

It won't be up for a few weeks. But I will give a quick info without pics.

Each little socket in the DME relay is either goign to be ground or power. You need to pull the relay out, and use a Power Probe or multimeter to check all of the socket. Put a spade connector with a piece of wire coming out to clamp onto the multimeter. You might have to trim a spade connector to fit inside the small terminals.

The DME relay is basically an in/out system of electricity powering random crap when one thing comes on. Think of it as two small switches inside that little box. Basically, that's what it is.

If you give 87b 12v you should hear the fuel pump come on and get rail pressure. This is why fual rail pressure gauges are good, diagnostic purposes.

86 should give you 12v to the multimeter when the ignition comes on.  

85 should give you ground when the ignition switch is on.  

30 should give you 12v at all times, ignition switch on or off.

85b gives you ground when the engine is cranking.  

If you give 87 12 volts, you should hear the injectors start pulsating. Sounds kind of like vibrating. You need to be in a somewhat quiet spot to hear the pump and injectors come on.

This is the best I can do, I will have much more detailed writeup in a few weeks. My plan is to have the car running by Aug 15. It won't be on the road for another couple weeks after that though

and here is the link to the parts site that will show you the location of the DME relay

for 85/1  cars go here

for all 85/2  cars - turbo and  2 and s2 -
go here

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