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85/1 front AND rear wheel bearing replacemnent (Read 1258 times)
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85/1 front AND rear wheel bearing replacemnent
Jan 20th, 2009 at 9:10pm
Thanks to our forum member
for this great write up on  front wheel bearing replacement how to


here's the diagram from the fronts -85/1

and the diagram for the rear 85/1

here's the link to the wheels bearing kits we sell -

or you can try and re pack them;action=display;nu...



thanks to -  DAWGZ83948 - one of our forum members we have this to share  ON HOW TO REPLACE THE REAR WHEELS BEARINGS ON YOUR EARLY 944 -

Remove the Axle.
Remove the cotter pin
Break loose the Axle Bolt
remove the wheels (or vice versa my wheels had to come off to do the job)
remove the 2 19mm bolts holding the caliper to the axle.
remove the entire rotor assembly exposing the e-brake assembly (mine came off as 1 piece)
Remove the seal hiding the bearing. (I used a screw driver)
Remove the 4 17mm bolts holding the ebrake assembly on the rear axle.
Use a block of wood and hammer to punch out the stub axle.  
Remove the seal (I used a screw driver) Pay attn to the 2 spacers (1 on each side) (They really are not spacers they ride in the seals to keep it sealed)
The outer bearing should just pull out.
Remove the C clip on the inner bearing.
The inner had to be hammered out working from the outside in.
Pack the new bearings and glob the hole between them (where the spacer goes) with grease.
Install the outer bearing by hand (does not require hitting)
Install the spacer tube
Install the inner bearing using a large socket or a seal installer and a hammer.
Install the C Clip
Install the inner seal.
Install the inner spacer.
Install the e brake assembly and bolt it in.
Install the outer seal and spacer
Install the stub axle -carefully-
Install the rotor assembly
Screw on the castle nut as tight as you can.
Install the calipers
Install the axle
Install the wheels
Torque the axle nut to 350lb'
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