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HOW DO I CHECK MY CLUTCH ? (Read 13536 times)
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Mar 31st, 2008 at 2:43pm
The clutch inspection hole can be found on the passenger side of the car in the front left of the starter on your 944 here are some pictures showing it's location.
The 944  - except for the turbo - came from the factory with a rubber center clutch disc-
when the rubber breaks , and it will , it produces a  " clunking " sound as you get on and off the gas - this is caused by the center part of the disc thats on the shaft  - the hub - turning as the shaft turns - and the friction part of the disc turning when its under pressure from the flywheel/ pressure plate -
see the  3  way piece in the center of the disc ?
thats what causes the actual " clunk "
Porsche designed it so that when it broke ,you would still be able to get home -  


Clutch Diagnostic Test
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Clutch Diagnostic Test

If you find that your clutch has failed, here is an at-home diagnostic test that anyone can perform:

1. Start your car, set the parking break, and put the car in neutral.

2. With your car idling, listen for a growling noise without pushing the clutch in. If you hear something, it's most likely a problem with the transmission. If you don't hear a noise, proceed to step three.

3. With the car still in neutral, begin to push the clutch and listen for noise. If you hear a chirping noise as you press, it's most likely the clutch release, or throw-out bearing. If you don't hear a noise, proceed to step four.

4. Push the clutch all the way to the floor. If you hear a squealing noise, it's probably the pilot bearing or bushing.

If you don't hear any noise during these four steps, then your problem is probably not the clutch. If you hear the noise at idle and it goes away when the clutch is pressed, it may be an issue in the contact point between the fork and pivot ball.  

to see what new clutchs should look like go here

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all turbo

all s and s 2

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