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Stainless Brake Line Installation (Read 1521 times)
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Stainless Brake Line Installation
Jun 24th, 2007 at 6:28pm
for all 944's -
including the Turbo- with out M030

for all cars WITH m030 we will need your vin #

" whats m030 " ?

check your option codes here

Get the car completely off the ground and on jack stands and then remove all four tires.  Be sure the car is high enough for you to be able to work underneath it.  Have plenty of rags on hand and a plastic bottle or something to catch any fluid.  Also, make sure you have enough new brake fluid and accessories to bleed through the system when you’re done.  I used an empty water bottle and two clear tubes to make sure all the air was out of the lines.


1. Disconnect the flex line at the hard line connection point.  You will need an 11mm and 17mm wrench for this.  Remove the retainer clip with some pliers but don’t damage it, you will need to reuse it.  Next, disconnect the connection at the caliper with a 14mm wrench, then remove the flex line.

2. When installing the new lines, be sure to connect the line to the caliper first (this might be different if you have the other brake line kit).  I found it easiest to keep the line folded in half to accomplish this.


Then reconnect at the hard line, install the retainer clip, and make sure all your connections are tight.  Be sure that the new line is routed similar to how the original one was and that it won’t be prone to any mechanical damage.  Rather than run it through the original grommet location, I zip-tied it to the clip that the brake pad sensor cable is zip-tied to.  



1. Find your brake line and brake pad sensor cable at the rear caliper.  Follow your brake line until you find the short little 6” piece of flexible line.

Disconnect both ends of the flex line with the 11mm and 17mm wrenches and remove both retainer clips.  Installation is the reverse of removal.  

It may be tricky getting these connections tight and getting the retainer clips back in, but take your time and get it done right the first time.  You don’t want your brake system leaking fluid.

2. Once all of the new brake lines are installed, bleed the system completely and make sure all air is out of the system.  The old brake fluid in my car was the color or motor oil (and if you don’t know, brake fluid is typically clear) so you might need to bleed all four calipers a half a dozen times or so to clean it out.  Then, make sure your brakes work and go have fun.  
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