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why does my turbo cough and splutter ?dme/klr issu (Read 1338 times)
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why does my turbo cough and splutter ?dme/klr issu
Jan 14th, 2011 at 12:54pm
My own car had this EXACT problem -
under hard acceloration it would cough and splutter
and sometimes cut off as if you had turned the key off -
its was finnaly time to find out why
and here's what we found out  -

This has been a recouring problem that many of us have had over the years as our cars have got older -
I get the call time and time again  
, and untill a few days ago never really had a firm idea of what the real problem is .
I was talking with  the guy that rebuilds all my computers  - just a great guy  -  he rebuilds all my DME's and KLR's  -  they come with a  2  year warranty and I HAVE never had a problem .
So I aksed him to explain why this problem happens -
I'll do my best to read my notes !!

Its caused by the cold solder joints for the output transistors for the coil-  
what happens as I understand is this  
basically the board has holes in it that pins are soldered into
yes I know - very basic   - so bare with me !!
we all know that the more current that flows the more heat is produced  
under hard accelertaion more voltage /current flows  
more heat is produced the hole that the  pin is in expands and you get a poor connection - now remeber we are talking A VERY VERY SMALL EXPANSION !!
but is is big enough to cause a bad connection -
when we let off  -  or it cuts out - the flow of voltage/ current slows or stops - heat goes down -  and the connection gets better  
like nothing happened  
and ONCE again we are left ripping our hair out  

In the last week we have repaired 2 sets of DME'S / KLR'S for customers that had this problem
on the DME its either the coil output or the injector  part of the DME board

Now the KLR usually either works or it dosesn't
the function of the KLR is related to the timing adjusment  determained by the knock sensor and the atmospheric pressure - and if I can read my notes correctly this info is fed to the KLR by the timed valve -
a bad timed valve will cause retard in the timing - and cause sluggish performance -
but again  
the boards are all geting old and most ALL TURBO DME/KLR 's have been fiddled with one way or another  -  

I'm just trying to let you guys have more info to deal with OUR  - yours and mine -  issues !!

Hope this helps


Click on this link to see the rebuilt units we offer
and YES  - we do offer them at a deal for our forum members -
call me  -  or e mail me - and we'll see what we can do

toll free in the USA - 1 866 944 7883
rest of the planet - 1 954 968 3766
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