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Tool for interior sensor 85/2 and later (Read 1173 times)
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Tool for interior sensor 85/2 and later
Dec 13th, 2012 at 2:02am
Thanks to Dean for this

Tool – You Can Make – Interior Temperature Sensor
« on: Dec 3rd, 2012, 1:24pm »
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If you have removed the dash strip on the passenger’s side, you know that, in doing so you detach the fitting on the back side of the dash strip from the interior temperature sensor hose. This hose leads to heater/AC unit and is for the passage of interior air so the unit can make adjustments.  
Upon reattaching the dash strip, it is necessary to reconnect the fitting on the strip to the hose. In my experience, there have been two methods of this reattachment: 1. Slide the fitting toward the hose and hope for the best. 2. Remove the glove box so as to have direct access to the hose and fitting.
Now there is an additional method using a tool which I modified, and so can you.
The tool is an ordinary claw pickup tool. You probably have one in your toolbox. See photo. Image 1.  
The tool is modified as follows:
1. With a pair of pliers, straighten the claws.
2. Now, gently bend the claws so they point outward. I say gently bend the claws because they probably are tempered steel and will break of bent too sharply.
3. Bend each claw outward approximately 1/16 of an inch. This is because the tool, with the claws retracted, must fit into the hole in the dash strip which is less than ½ inch. See photo of claws retracted. Image 2.
4. See photo of modified claws expanded. Image 3.
5. Now, when it time to reattach the dash strip, insert the tool into the hole, and move the dash strip toward the dash and the hose. Push the tool into the hose approximately 1 inch and compress the plunger. This will release the claws which grip the hose from the inside. The hose will now be held in position while the fitting is inserted into the hose. See photo. Image 4.
6. Job done! The fitting is inserted into the hose. See photo. Image 5.
I hope you find this procedure to be helpful.

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