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installing lower control arm bushings  in 85/ (Read 3558 times)
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installing lower control arm bushings  in 85/
Dec 13th, 2012 at 7:49pm
we get a lot of calls from customers asking what the best way - easiest way to install these bushings in the arm - so here we go !!

as you can see its a very tight fit

get some of this -  and squirt it on both the bushing and in the sides of the hole

place the arm and the bushing in a vise as shown here

and SLOWLY - do not force it  - slowly - tighten up the vise - see how it swells going in ?
continue to just let it go in slowly - and continue to squirt a little WD40 in it to lube it

when you get to this point - get a  30 mm , or there abouts , socket and put it against the end of the area where the bushing will end up

so now it looks like this

continue to SLOWLY close the vise untill its all the way in

I usually take 5 minuets to do it - so don't be in a rush

at the other end  , the other bushing just slips onto the piece that sticks out and its a tight fit , but can be done by hand
and it fits on the way shown here

I hope this helps

and you can buy the bushings here


e mail&& free in the USA 1 866 944 7883&&outside the USA&&1 954 968 3766&&FAX -1 954 968 3798
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