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why does my ac adjuster keep breaking ?? (Read 2993 times)
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why does my ac adjuster keep breaking ??
Dec 20th, 2012 at 4:34pm
as these cars get older weird stuff is happening to them. I sell a lot of the ac adjustment struts

and at  $69.95 you expect them to last a while .
What we have been seeing more often is this.

this bracket is mounted to the engine and is what the ac compressor mounts to

a bolt goes through the front of the bracket to hold the top of the compressor in place
and the adjustment strut mounts to the bottom on the compressor

at the back on the mount is a hole into which a steel bushing fits and the bolt to the back compressor mount goes through the hole in the steel bushing -\
well - as you can see - here the bushing has worn away and now the bushing is missing and the hole is rounded out so that the compressor would sit cocked and cause the ac adjustment strut to BREAK AGAIN  -
so its important to check ALL the hardware when replacing these pieces

and here's the link to the hardware


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