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 25 New Owner of a 944S (Read 25068 times)
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Re: New Owner of a 944S
Reply #165 - Aug 3rd, 2020 at 7:30pm
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Alrighty.. Its been WAY too long..

So As stated in prior updates, i have been chasing a ghost battery drain..
FIRST off.. I found out my Alternator was bad.
Just a short 30 min drive, battery would get down to 60%.
Replaced alternator and battery was just replaced this spring and kept on a trickle charger.

Lets just say WOW.. car feels so much smoother, all the shuddering that i thought was the clutch has seemed to go away.. maybe better spark now?

Anyways.. now that is handled.. i spent some time pulling fuses.. Well come to find out that if you keep the hood OPEN, it pulls a nuts ton of power from the battery (even though the hood light isnt working) I pulled the plug from the hood switch and voila.. power seems to be where it should be. No other fuse pulled, would move the multimeter gauge.

So happy to have that figured out.

Back to the question at hand.. Bad Alternator.. can it create studdering? Can it make the car feel sluggish?

Anyone have any other photo sites that do free hosting since photobucket has gone south? Would love to post some updated pics.

1987 944S Guards Red - Project Fun Car
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