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924 Turbo Values (Read 658 times)
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924 Turbo Values
Jan 9th, 2016 at 7:25pm
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Hi everyone,

I have owned and been restoring my 85 944 for three years now, and things are starting to whine down with it, I have been driving it more than working on it (A good thing!). I still have things to do on it, motor rebuild slated for this winter, but I am starting to look around for my next project. I really like the look and the idea behind the 924 Carrera GT. I had been thinking it would be neat to take a 931 and build my own 924 CGT tribute car.

So there is the back story, I have been looking around for a 931 for a starting point, I dont want to break the bank because I still need to finish work on my 944, and live and eat and things like that.

I have been trying to find a car for hopefully under $1k I found a few for that price range that seem pretty decent, especially this one in-particular, a 1980 model, judging by the ad the owner does not know much about these cars by some of the statements he has made. I am thinking of trying to go look at this car and would like some opinions for things to look for, and just general value inputs on these cars would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 924 Turbo Values
Reply #1 - Jan 11th, 2016 at 4:05pm
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listing is a little strange but after listening to bowie all morning...what isn't))

I love the pasha....I would pounce on it at that price but the entry fee is trivial when it comes to these cars. my rule when buying used is completeness; good or bad, it must have all of the parts it came with.
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