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IACV wiring help (Read 715 times)
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IACV wiring help
May 30th, 2016 at 6:06pm
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OK, I'm trying to complete this project 924S I bought and the PO didn't bother to mark any of the wiring when he took the head off to get it rebuilt.  So now I'm ready get it all back together and figure out which connector goes to the TPS and which one goes to the IACV (they are both 3 prong connectors). 
Is there any way to do this by applying voltage thru the hot wire from the connector to the DME plug?
Here are some pics of what I have. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

20160513_160527_resized.jpg ( 294 KB | Downloads )
20160513_160448_resized.jpg ( 365 KB | Downloads )
20160513_160403_resized.jpg ( 462 KB | Downloads )
DME_Connector.jpg ( 128 KB | Downloads )
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