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Thank you John Stahl (Read 549 times)
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Thank you John Stahl
Sep 15th, 2016 at 1:23pm
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A while ago I tried describing a persistent problem I have on gravel when driving close to *my* speed limit on gravel. What happens is I hit a patch  of extra thick gravel or in the case a month ago I hit a puddle of water... for one reason or another I get a bit sideways when I should be going straight. Then I try to counter-steer and now I am sideways the other way, so I counter-steer & now I am a bit sideways the other way.

Although it's exciting, it's also a lack of control and has almost caused me to crash many times over the last 15+months.

Well, I finally figured it out. And I am better at handling the unintended sideways problem.

Others have suggested things... I think John Stahl has been the most accurate in his assessment.

In a nut shell: The problem was I was lifting the throttle & over counter steering.

Solution: When in doubt throttle out! And don't over correct with the steering wheel. And (some may disagree but for me this is working) let go of the steering wheel if the counter-steering you are doing is making it worse)... the wheel will find centre.

These are hard things to do in a panic situation. It's sometimes hard to find a safe place to practise, but I have now experienced it enough to believe it really works. Thanks everyone who helped with advice.

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