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Project 944 S newbie questions (Read 972 times)
Mr. Toasty
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Project 944 S newbie questions
Apr 11th, 2018 at 5:39am
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Greetings, everyone. New guy here. As a brief introduction, I bought a 944 S about a month ago and made a couple dumb mistakes, which resulted in a fire totaling the car on the drive home (hence the screen name).

I'm now looking for a different 944 S, and I've found two complete-looking projects each about 21 hours and 1400 miles away from me (Omaha). One is in Phoenix, AZ, and the other is in Vernon, CT. Both are advertised as cranking but not running. Assuming the frame is straight, what are some things I should look for in a project 944 S? I'm planning to essentially rebuild the entire car with new rubber bits and updated/upgraded parts for spirited street use. I have some experience working on cars, so I'm not going in totally blind, just mostly blind.

My main questions are:
-are there areas of the frame/body that are prone to cracking or fatigue?
-are 944s ok to repair if the frame is slightly bent? I'm very reluctant to buy one with a bent frame, but if the community response is a resounding positive on this, I might consider it
-any sensors or relays that tend to throw in the towel after sitting for a couple years?

Any and all advice is much appreciated. I know enough to ask those with more experience than I, but I'm not going to imply any further qualification than that! I've already gotten a lot of info from stalking this forum (and others), but I know there's so much more to learn once I get my hands dirty.

Thanks in advance!!
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Jay Wellwood
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Re: Project 944 S newbie questions
Reply #1 - Jul 8th, 2018 at 6:48pm
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If the frame is bent, or you suspect it is, you should have a reputable body shop evaluate the car.
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Re: Project 944 S newbie questions
Reply #2 - Oct 18th, 2018 at 1:01am
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Hello There:

If you are still looking for a drivable 1987 944S, I have one available for $6,200.00 or OBO.    I am in Washington State near Spokane, WA.
Fly out here, and drive home with it.
Guards Red and Black interior.    It has a very nice dash, no cracks.  The driver's seat has a small tear.   Over all very fast car with LSD transmission.
If you would like some pictures, email me at

Good luck with your search…BTW, don't buy a Porsche that is not running and you cannot drive it.  UNLESS OF COURSE YOU ARE A LOTTERY WINNER.

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