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 25 Think my Head Gasket Failed (Read 5321 times)
jacob estes
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Re: Think my Head Gasket Failed
Reply #30 - Jun 30th, 2020 at 9:12pm
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I tried to start the car, hoping to test some electrical issues, and it would not. After a couple attempts, it would not even crank. I peeked at the inspection hole by the distributor and saw a frayed bit of a belt.

After pulling the top cover for the timing and balance shaft belt back, I saw the balance shaft belt was off track and shredded. Troubleshooting and maintenance paused at this moment so I could meditate over some beers.

I believe that the belt bound up the gears and stopped the engine from cranking. The timing belt still looks good. I will confirm that it is still in time and didn't jump a tooth.

Also found the lip on one of the balance shaft gears came off.

My neighbor pointed out that the gear for the Power Steering belt is tilted. Not sure if this is related.

I'm going to cut the belt and get it out, attempt to get the car back into a running state, and then replace the belt and the gear with the broken lip.

Also! My neighbor happened to have some bulbs that fit a 944 (from some of his motorcycle projects) and threw em on my car while I was at work.

And! Steve nailed it with the belt size for the AC Compressor I have. I used an M10 70mm and M8 80mm bolt on the bracket for this compressor. Now the belt fits correctly.


1985.5 944 NA
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